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Festivals, Concerts and Larger Events

Boyett's Effortless Sanitation is ready to rock!

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Boyett's Effortless Sanitation is ready to serve your concert, fair, or festival of any size.
Boyett’s Effortless Sanitation makes sure to provide large-scale outdoor concerts with portable restroom facilities that keep visitors comfortable and clean. Our climate-controlled restroom trailers provide concert-goers with an ideal environment to freshen up. Our portable restroom trailers come stocked with all the essential products needed to keep visitors feeling fresh and equipped with fresh water hand washing stations that help keep the concert venue clean and maintain overall public health.

Our clean and efficient portable restroom trailers are perfect for:
  • Outdoor Concerts
    • Charity Concerts
    • Benefit Concerts
    • Music Festivals
    • Outdoor Concert Venues

Boyett’s Effortless Sanitation proudly provides portable restroom solutions for many local, state, and national concerts and music charity events. Many outdoor concert venues and event planners look to us when in need of portable restroom solutions that are sure to impress even the largest crowd!Call one of our knowledgeable event-planners at 1-850-944-5536 to see how we can help make your outdoor concert event a success!

The clean, comfortable, well-equipped restroom trailers provided by Boyett’s Effortless Sanitation help make any outdoor concert or event an even better place to gather and enjoy. Large crowds stand to benefit from clean, affordable, private portable restroom solutions that let them celebrate concert music without the inconvenience of other less efficient portable restroom solutions.

Boyett's Effortless Sanitation at the Pensacola Air Show!

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Our state-of-the-art restroom trailers combine superior design with optimal functionality. We provide portable restroom solutions that make getting in and out of the restroom a breeze, even for the biggest crowds! Our large event restroom trailers are designed to minimize traffic and handle large visitor flow. Outdoor concert event-goers are sure to take pleasure in clean, functional restroom facilities that provide all the comforts of home, especially when many times event planners provide alternative solution that are equally affordable, yet less than adequate.

Call one of our knowledgeable event-planners at 1-866-944-5536 to see how we can help provide quality portable restrooms to help make your outdoor concert a success!
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Environmentally Conscious

In addition to providing outdoor concert-goers with clean, affordable portable restroom solutions, Boyett’s Effortless Sanitation offers products designed to work harmoniously with our environment. Our portable restroom trailers offer flushable toilets and urinals are designed energy-efficient; they require little water to work effectively and eliminate the need for harmful waste tank chemicals.

Concerts are meant to provide good, clean, safe fun. Many times, outdoor concert venues do not provide restroom facilities that are in-line with overall public health and safety. Now, concert-goers can enjoy the show without having to concern themselves with harmful effects of chemical exposure often seen in other portable restroom solutions that are continuously exposed to the damaging ultraviolet rays of the sun.
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Boyett’s is fully insured and licensed. We are licensed by the State of Florida, and the State of Alabama. We are licensed in Escambia, Santa Rosa, Okaloosa counties in Florida and in Baldwin county Alabama. If you have locations in other areas we have the ability to obtain licenses for any location.