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Feel comfortable knowing your workers will be focused on the project and not on unexpected bathroom visitors (our toilets have obvious “occupied” indicators) or a lack of restroom supplies (toilet paper and soap restocking is included in our price).

Call it a port-o-potty, porta john, port-o-let, portable potty, or porta potty. Boyett’s Effortless Sanitation will provide a clean, portable toilet oasis for your construction crew. Our portable toilet rental includes a weekly pumping, disinfecting, wipe-down, and restocking service.

We rent basic toilets, port-o-potties with sinks, and flushing toilets with sinks. We also offer stand-alone hand-wash stations. For the construction industry, we offer portable toilet units with high-rise kits and with ADA compliant features.
We are dedicated to giving home builders and commercial construction companies efficient, cost-effective service and equipment.

Planning a construction job site is challenging! No matter what size the job, from a smaller home remodel to new home construction, commercial building construction, or a highway construction project, there are a lot of details that need to be accounted for.

You need to plan for permits, costs, labor, length of project and schedule, technology, work tasks, site preparation, safety and more. Another detail not to be forgotten is portable restrooms for your workers.

Planning for the correct number of standard portable toilets with regular servicing on your construction job site directly impacts the comfort and safety of your employees. The minimum number of toilets published by ANSI (American National Standards Institute) starts with 1 toilet for up to 10 employees for a 40-hour work week.

For more information on the number of toilets you need to rent for your construction project please refer to Table 1 or call us at 1-800-TOILETS and we will help you determine the number of portable restrooms you will need on site. United Site Services also recommends 1 hand wash station per every 3 toilet rentals in accordance industry standards.

Delivery and Service

Equipment reservations for special Boyett’s Effortless Sanitation trailers and portable toilet rentals are accepted up to 24 hours before the event; however, we recommend you contact us one to two weeks before. Boyett’s Effortless Sanitation will deliver sanitized equipment 4 hours before the event and pick it up the next day. There is a flat daily rate for restroom trailer rentals. For multi-day events, restroom trailers are pumped every 24 hours.

ANSI Portable Toilet & Restroom Standards for Construction Project Managers

Boyett’s understands that the productivity and morale of your workforce is enhanced by having the right number and type of portable restroom facilities at the right location on site. ANSI Standards set out these standards for construction sites.

According to this PSAI study, your return on investment is 600% more if you use 1 portable restroom per 7 workers instead!

From urban high-rises and interstate highways to residential and remodeling construction projects, we are always ready with the right portable facilities and other specialized products to meet your needs. We understand OSHA standards for occupational health and safety along with other regulations that affect your job site, so we install all products in strict compliance with local codes.
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Additional Requirements for Portable Toilet Facilities & Portable Toilet Rooms on Construction Job sites:

  • Mobile trailers containing more than one stall must offer sufficient privacy for each vestibule. Urinals should be available in stalls marked for male use.
  • All interior surfaces of the portable bathroom must have a waterproof in permeable, easy to clean finish.
  • Proper ventilation including the use of mechanical ventilation or screened must provide an opening of 1 foot per stall.
  • Single porta-potties must have a door with an inside latch and must be self closing.
  • Every portable toilet must provide plenty of space for the user to move around safely. Porta-potty dimensions should be at least 3 ft front-to-back and side-to-side, and 6ft 6 inches tall.
  • If the restroom contains a storage tank it must be vented to the outside of the toilet room.
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Boyett’s is fully insured and licensed. We are licensed by the State of Florida, and the State of Alabama. We are licensed in Escambia, Santa Rosa, Okaloosa counties in Florida and in Baldwin county Alabama. If you have locations in other areas we have the ability to obtain licenses for any location.